The Shipping News

Today is the day!

Moonshine is here, shipping out today. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s worth checking out. Two full tracks streaming here.

This is all new music for Keystone, the band: Marcus Strickland, Adam Benjamin, Brad Jones, DJ Olive, Gene Lake. If you heard the band on tour last spring, this was the book of music we were playing. And if you were at the concert in Bray, Ireland, this recording was produced from what you heard. I’m proud of this one, and without blowing my own horn too much, I think it breaks new ground, takes this music to a new, groovy place and it’s quite simply a great fun listen.

We’re still taking orders exclusively on-line for this title. It will be released to record shops everywhere in the spring, but I encourage you to pick it up directly from us. Here. Now.

For those who pre-ordered, you can expect it at a your doorstep very soon. Thanks.