The Serial Sessions: Persistence of Memory


The seventh track for the Subscriber Series Serial Sessions is Persistence of Memory. This track features great solos from Dave Douglas and pianist Frank Woeste who weighs in on the recording experience here:

When asked by Greenleaf to write a short comment on recording Persistence of Memory I was at a small jazz festival in Burgundy, France and although I remember the recording session very well I could not really identify this specific song. Naturally I was eager to listen to it again, 6 months after recording this song in New York .

I remember this particular recording session seemed like a challenge at first: recording 12 songs in one day, with no rehearsal and with musicians I had of course heard of but never played with. Needless to say it worked out great and it was fun playing his music and meeting everybody on this recording! This says a lot about Dave’s approach to composing, it’s very down to the point, you don’t need to rehearse a song for days to make it sound. He also leaves a lot of space for improvisation which makes it sound fresh. I also noted that many times Dave would write a bass line or melody and leave it to the piano to find the right harmony. I definitely liked that idea!

Listening to this track again I was immediately struck by the fact that it takes only about 2 seconds to recognize the music of Dave Douglas, his way to compose music and his sound on the trumpet. It’s that one thing all jazz musicians thrive for, to have a voice that’s unique. Although Persistance of Memory is originally on Dave Douglas In Our Lifetime album from 1993 it could have been written in 2015!

I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the songs that’ll be released September through December.

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