Subscriber Update ~ June 1st

Over the long weekend, we posted some new Subscribercasts recorded up at the Banff Workshop. Special thanks to those engineers who’ve helped out.

The first is a two-part conversation with Dave Douglas and Donny McCaslin discussing Donny’s albums Recommended Tools and Declaration with selected audio tracks from both, composing, practicing, the Banff Workshop, and much more.

The second Subscribercast update is titled Travelogue: Birth, Growth, and Maintenance. This one has Dave detailing various versions of the tune Travelogue from the Spark of Being release. Five versions of the piece are showcased, from the earliest trio recording with Dave, Adam Benjamin, and DJ Olive, to the fully-realized Soundtrack mix with commentary on each.

These Subscribercasts are exclusively available for Subscribers to stream. If you’re already a Subscriber, simply login at the store with your email/password, and head over to the Subscribercast page and click on a ‘cast. Also, check the Subscriber Downloads blog for a preview of Spark Of Being: Expand (out August 2010). The track Tree Ring Circus is available in MP3 and FLAC formats.

For non-subscribers, we’ve recently given the Subscriber system a make-over, including a new economically-friendly level for those who want to access these Subscribercasts. Remember also, with any Subscription, you get unlimited access to full-album streams for all our frontline titles.

Happy listening.