Strick Muzik

I just want to express the satisfaction I have had so far with the launch of my recording label Strick Muzik, and also my gratitude towards for adding my label to their roster. The whole process of starting this label has been therapeutic towards my past frustrations with the recording industry. I definitely recommend this to anybody who has some type of following for their band, in addition to having the resources to make their own recordings.

The Internet has been the main reason why many dreams have come true, and it was definitely instrumental to Strick Muzik’s materialization, hmmm well, at least an existence within cyberspace. With online distribution Strick Muzik is able to reach informed consumers, such as you. This idea has been rattling around in my mind for a while, but when I saw Dave Douglas actually DO this with Greenleaf Music, which, by the way, requires much wit and determination. It inspired me to put my thoughts into action.

What is Strick Muzik doing now? I have recently released an adventurous double CD project featuring two bands of mine titled with a play on words “Twi-Life”. It is available online at, and or you can visit my site. The first disc features my quartet: Robert Glasper on piano, Vicente Archer on bass and my twin brother E.J. Strickland on drums. The second disc is the debut recording of my new Twi-Life Group: Lage Lund on guitar, Brad Jones on electric bass and E.J. Strickland on drums again. We will have a CD Release celebration in New York City at the Jazz Gallery (290 Hudson St.) this Friday, March 19th from 9:00pm to 11:30pm. It will be a live version of the double CD.

Also, please tune in to WKCR (88.9 FM) this Thursday, May 18th at noon for my live interview with Ted Panken on his show Out to Lunch. I’m also proud to announce that the Twi-Life Group will embark on a tour of France in mid-October in support of the new release. So far, we will visit Clermont-Ferrand (Jazz en Tete Festival), Toulouse, Paris (JVC), and Nancy.

What about the future? As Strick Muzik develops, I intend to add artists to our roster. I have had hands-on contact with many of the world’s promising young artists. I feel that a simple one-time showcase for large record companies filters out many deserving musicians. Strick Muzik will be about artist development, instead of gimmicks. I have stood aside many of my fellow artists throughout their years of development, resulting in first-hand knowledge of their potential. Strick Muzik will assist in bringing such artists to the forefront.

Again, much thanks to Dave Douglas, Michael Friedman and YOU!