Sonic Preserves

It was late a few nights ago, around 3:30 or so, and my friend and I were driving home from a recording session. Our ears were jelly, but we scanned through some of our Chicago radio stations anyway in hopes of finding something that we could spread that jelly on for awhile. We flipped to a soothing, bubbly drone coming from 88.7 WLUW. It was Laurie Spiegel, an electronic music composer I had never heard. There was no announcement as to the piece, but I found a lot of streamable RealPlayer files here for anyone who has never heard her either. It is all pretty spectacular. And with Dave’s recent Global Radio post, it is really nice to know that I can still be turned on to artists by the radio.

Also, as the resident indie-rocker here, I have to inform the masses that the new Sonic Youth, now sans Jim O’Rourke, record is streaming at their website and sounds wonderful.