Spring Forward Monday

For those who need more than just the usual Americano on this Spring-forwarded Monday morning, a few links…

First, Darcy continues his Composition Vivisection feature with his second post. For those interested in nerdy music analysis, these posts are not to be unclicked.

Next, check out the exclusive track stream of Vandermark/Haaker Flaten/Wiik from the forthcoming Gray Scale at Peter Margasak’s blog. This came after three performances with Atomic — shows that I regrettably missed, but heard were amazing (even when the weekend patrons at the Mill wouldn’t keep quiet).

D:O posted a great Max Roach and Archie Shepp track last week in case you missed it.

Last, a service delay prompts NYC Subway patrons at the Times Square stop to form an impromptu chorus as a busking band performs The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”.