Three Links for Monday

A few rock-related links to pass on in case you’re interested…

New Radiohead Tune Leaked – “These Are My Twisted Words?

Jonny from Dead Air Space: So here’s a new song, called ‘These Are My Twisted Words’.

We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished. We’re pretty proud of it.

There’s other stuff in various states of completion, but this is one we’ve been practicing, and which we’ll probably play at this summer’s concerts. Hope you like it.

It seems they actually leaked it. Perhaps a piece of the “great idea” Thom mentioned in a recent interview. Never a dull moment with those guys.

New Jim O’Rourke Album – “The Visitor”

Stream a preview of a track at the new Drag City website. More details to follow, I’m sure.

Bob Dylan mistaken for Hobo

From – New Jersey police detained 68-year old American music star Bob Dylan recently, after a young officer failed to recognize him. A disheveled Dylan was wearing a hoodie, wandering around in the rain looking at a house for sale. The 24-year-old female officer was responding to a phone call from the occupants of a home that had a “For Sale” sign on it. The residents were called in with a report of an “eccentric-looking old man” in their yard .