Ryan Keberle & Catharsis “Ginastera”


This month’s Subscriber track comes from trombonist Ryan Keberle, the newest member of the Greenleaf Music family. Here’s what Ryan says about his track Ginastera:

I was first introduced to the Argentinian composer, Alberto Ginastera, by my mom, Ann Keberle, who is a pianist, music director and piano teacher in Spokane, WA.  She performed Ginastera’s Creole Dance Suite, Op. 15, for her senior recital at Lawrence University and encouraged me to learn the piece on piano when I was in high school (my mom was my piano teacher).  The Creole Dance Suite is composed of 6 contrasting movements that embrace the passion, drama, and rhythmic energy of Argentine folk music with 20th century solo piano music.  I immediately connected with the piece, and in particular, with movements three (which you are about to hear) and six.  In fact, movement three had such an impact on me that my wife and I chose it be performed as a musical interlude during our wedding ceremony!  I’ve done nothing but re-orchestrate the original solo piano arrangement for a pared down version of Catharsis including Jorge on bass and Camila on voice.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed performing it!

Check out his new record Into the Zone if you haven’t already. The official release date is September 30, and subscribers can totally pre-order here.

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