REVIEW: Clowes in Step Tempest

Writer Richard Kamins has reviewed the new album by Trish Clowes on his step Tempest blog!

He discusses the album’s final track:

The program closes with “Almost“. The piece opens rubato, scurrying brushes on snare, scattered piano chords, atmospheric guitar phrases, and disjointed saxophones phrase that slowly take shape into a lilting ballad. Nobody rushes but the song seems to grow more soulful as Ms. Clowes rides the guitar chords and the piano glissandos forward.  A shift in direction so that the guitarist can push the song forward and, as the intensity builds, the leader’s soprano sax rises up above the rhythm section for a moment, like a colorful bird riding the thermals. Stunning, stirring, a momentary burst of pure joy.

Read the full review here.

A View with a Room is available now here.