Sound Prints ‘Other Worlds’ feature review in Downbeat!

The new Sound Prints album Other Worlds is the lead review in the June issue of Downbeat Magazine!

Reviewer John Murph begins his four-and-a-half star review with this: “Wayne Shorter continues to glimmer as the lodestar for Sound Prints, a superb combo that excels at trumpeting its honoree’s expansive artistry without losing its own identity.” And he ends with this: “Other Worlds simultaneously applauds Shorter’s legacy and cultivates one of its own.”

You can read the review in the digital version of the magazine here.

The record is also featured in the magazine’s HotBox, where three other writers give the album a short review. Here’s what they said:

James Hale, who gave the album four stars: “What began as an opportunity to pay tribute to Shorter has evolved into an ongoing pairing of two charismatic soloists in their prime with a highly engaged rhythm section.”

Ammar Kalia: “For their first outing without featuring any Wayne Shorter compositions, Sound Prints creates an animated selection of live improvisations, from the free-form flows of the “Other Worlds Suite” to the journeying lyricism of “Sky Miles.” Intricate and intuitive.”

John McDonough: “Knotty but mostly satisfying, Lovano and Douglas patch together solos and dialogs from what sometimes seem like scraps of warm-up exercises. But it works. The scenery is often sparse. Covers some brittle, off-center provocation, but lyrical landscapes, too. “Manitou” and “Transcendentalists” are oases.

See the HotBox reviews online here. And stream and purchase Other Worlds here.