Read, Music Biz Handbook; Listen, New Music

A good read at The Music Business Handbook is a downloadable PDF you can get by giving them your email — which I believe is part of the second chapter, Direct To Fan. It’s a good overview of what kind of marketplace up-and-coming artists find themselves.

Some new music hit the web this month that I’ve been listening to — as I take a short break from my Alphabetical Listening Project. Definitely worth your time.

Brad Mehldau’s Highway Rider through Nonesuch. One of my favorite producers, Jon Brion, who did Largo, did a bang up job throughout.

Dave Holland’s newest, Pathways, for Octet sounds great. I’ll be picking that one up shortly. Check it out here.

Last, some reissued, remastered boxed sets from Black Saint / Soul Note are available now. I’m specifically excited about picking up the Charlie Haden box, but the others are on my To-Buy list as well. All are available here.

Anything I’ve missed? Pass on what’s found it’s way to your ears in the comments if you’d like.