Playlist: Shazaming, Volume 1

It’s no secret that I’m an iPhone user. I post about cool new apps as much as I think people are interested. I do find that most apps that I download just sit there after the week-or-so honeymoon period. There are a few exceptions. A camera program called Hipstamatic (thanks Max) is a recent purchase that’ll have some legs — different film types, lenses, and flash options for the iPhone camera.

But the one I go back to again and again is Shazam, the app that listens to your surroundings and tells you what tune is on the speakers you’re listening to. I’m always interested in new (to my ears) music. Part of why I did the alphabetical listening project way back — maybe I’ll pick that up again; Dave interrupted my listening habits by giving me 3 records to release of which I’ve been listening to on repeat a lot.

Anyway, Shazam. I thought it’d be cool to post a playlist chronicling my recent tags. Feel free to chime in. Part of getting into new music is word of mouth. Post yours in the comments if you so choose.

12 Tracks from recent Shazaming:

The Bells Of Rhymney, The Byrds
Aug-1, 10:58PM

Little Girl, Syndicate Of Sound
Jul-18, 12:05PM

Chichon, John Scofield
Jul-4, 10:07PM

Sugar, April March
Jun-20, 8:25PM

Glass Printer, The Besnard Lakes
Jun-12, 11.44PM

Give Me Back My Wig, Hound Dog Taylor
May-4 11:05PM

Rice Pudding, Jeff Beck
Apr-14, 9:01PM

Transcription of Organ Music, Allen Ginsberg
Mar-25, 2010

2000 Light Years From Home, Rolling Stones
Mar-5, 6:22PM

Tenhert, Tinariwen
Feb-26, 9:01PM

As Good As I Can Feel, Funkadelic
Feb-21, 11:17PM

Dissolution, Eleventh Dream Day
Feb-11, 7:17PM