Michael Orlove Playlist

Friend of Greenleaf Music Michael Orlove posts his new play list. It’s a great listen. Here’s what Michael has to say about it:

A Flamenco expert? Hardly! Marrying a Spainard from Granada and traveling there for the past 6 years, I guess, qualifies me as someone more knowledgeable than others. I have also purchased a good number of CDs in Spain and have built up a pretty decent collection. I was asked to put together a playlist that encompasses some of my favorite flamenco artists. Almost an impossible task as I am still learning the genre but this should serve as a generous sampler of the contemporary scene in Spain. Where did the other music come from? I couldn’t resist adding some other inspirational music from my collection. Some music comes from the incredibly rich and abundant continent of Africa and others are just gems that happen to be lying at the top of the stacks on my desk at work. It was fun exercise putting this together…I hope you all enjoy it.


Michael Orlove