We grieve with the country as the problem of unregulated guns continues to shock us and break our hearts all too regularly. We can vote. We can support Moms Demand Action. We can call our reps and talk to each other about making change. We can make music in the spirit of this change.  We are not powerless even when it may feel so. Take strength from our human bonds. Admire those who have lost the most and carried on with even more love and resolve. Look at Nelba Márquez-Greene and Jimmy Greene, who lost their daughter at Sandy Hook ten years ago. I love them so much. They exemplify what we must all do. Stay involved, stay engaged. Love each other. Don’t panic. Vote like our entire society depends on it. It does.

Next Sunday I will chat with Greenleaf artist, saxophonist, composer Trish Clowes from UK on Zoom, her band My Iris just concluded a barn burning two month tour of the UK. Join us as a member and be a part of this conversation.

Second single “When We Are Together Again” comes out next Tuesday. Overcome. Now more than ever.

Stay safe, sane, and informed.