New subscriber track from Hideo Yamaki, Bill Laswell and Dave Douglas: Misogi

Here’s a new track featuring a collaboration between drummer Hideo Yamaki, bassist Bill Laswell and trumpeter Dave Douglas.

The piece is called Misogi, and it was recorded remotely. We’re making it available for our subscribers! Join us if you’re not yet part of our unique musical community.

These artists collaborated previously on a 2016 live recording entitled The Drawing Center, so this new track is an opportunity to continue exploring that relationship.

Dave Douglas:

A few years ago, I met drummer Hideo Yamaki on a gig at The Drawing Center in Manhattan. We played a trio with Bill Laswell on bass. It was an absolute blast, and print of the recording was created. A couple months ago, out of the blue, I received some drum and percussion tracks from Hideo, just a friendly greeting with a few words of welcome. When I heard what it was, I pulled out the microphone and threw the hole thing in Protools. Created three tracks of trumpet parts with various mutters and approaches. I sent it on to Bill, who, because of the lockdowns, I have not seen in person for a long time. It was great to connect. Bill added his parts and created a ‘mix translation’ of the three of us. Here it is.
Bill and I are releasing this track exclusively to our subscribers. Join us and hear our entire catalog of member-only recordings. Thank you. Dave