NEW SINGLE: Dream Machine

Out now: the second single by Kaisa’s Machine titled “Dream Machine” from their upcoming album Taking Shape!

Pre-order the album  / choose your music platform here. With the pre-order, you get this single and the debut single “Eat Dessert First” immediately; the album will be released on July 7.

“Dream Machine” starts with an appropriately floating, mellow disposition but keeps building into a dramatic climax at the end. Bassist and bandleader Kaisa Mäensivu describes the progression as going from “a soft and pretty field of flowers to a chaotic cityscape”. Kaisa’s bass solo bridges the piano and saxophone improvisations through the transition.

Featuring Tivon Pennicott (tenor saxophone), Sasha Berliner (vibraphone), Eden Ladin (piano), Max Light (guitar), and Joe Peri (drums) alongside Kaisa, this track is the sole cut from the album on which all six ensemble musicians play together.

Check it out through the video below: