More from the road….


So much has happened since the last blog, I don’t know where to begin. I’d like to start with the gig in Nuernberg. It was so crowded that some people had to watch the gig from a video monitor in another room and probably was the best gig that the quartet has ever played. Russ played a version of Marching that gave me chills. Fortunately there is a dvd of the show so I hope to get that up on Youtube someday soon.

The above picture is from Stockwerk Jazz in Graz, Austria where we played another great gig. This doesn’t do the wall justice, but when we walked in it was pretty impressive. My favorite is the Chuck Isreals poster two thirds down wall. Wow. The band was playing very well and almost effortlessly with a very appreciative audience..not to mention a lot of music students checking out the music and talking gear and mouthpieces with Quinsin.

We’re in Prague currently and I spent the most part of yesterday with my jaw hanging open at the overwhelming beauty of the city. Russ warned me in advance but nothing could prepare me for a place like this. We also stopped in Bud Weiss, the original town of the original Budweiser beer and not to be confused with the American version! Jeff was a happy dude.

Crossing the border into the Czech Republic was quite an experience. Even though they belong to the EU and we just drove across, we all noticed just how different things were from Western Europe. Some obvious specifics like architecture and cars but there were many others…too many to go into here. A lot of history that’s for certain.

Today we drive to Berlin and we’ll be seeing some good friends there. Very excited to reconnect with them….