Metamorphosis | Orion

Oliver Lake, Wadada Leo Smith, Kris Davis, Yasushi Nakamura. Harmonic interplay between the voices, with deep call and response. This is a real four way dialogue in a way only these four could conjure. A tour de force of form and structure created in the moment. I can hear the shapes as each of them pick their way through the collective and individualized consideration of tone and melody.

The earliest depiction linked to the Orion constellation is a carving in mammoth ivory that was made between 32,000 and 38,000 years ago. The Hunter. Orion boasts that he will kill every animal on the planet. Gaia, mother of all life, angrily sends a scorpion to dispatch Orion. Stung, Orion is revived with an antidote from Ophiucus.

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