Mareike Wiening’s Metropolis Paradise reviewed by NYC Jazz Record

The New York City Jazz Record reviews Metropolis Paradise, the debut album from drummer Mareike Wiening.

Writer Thomas Conrad lauds Wiening for her “clean, orderly, understated drumwork,” and goes on to say:

“The album sounds European from the opening track, “Free Time”, with its careful counterpoint and sophisticated harmonic movement. European jazz
often prioritizes the collective, is more willing to trust composition and arrangement and embeds solos within complete concepts of ensemble form. Wiening’s
subtle melodies like “2 in 1” and “Viewpoints” are elaborated by shifting unisons, layered harmonies and cycles of call and response. Her classical background is
also apparent in the formal notated piano patterns woven through her charts. It may even be audible in her clean, orderly, understated drumwork.”

Read the full review here. Click through to page 20 to read the review.

You can list to three tracks on Spotify and Apple Music. The album is available for pre-order here. It will be released tomorrow, November 1st.

Mareike and her quintet are currently on tour in North America. Check the full list of dates here.