Listen to ‘Climbing On Mirrors’ by the Webber/Morris Big Band

The second single from the Webber/Morris Big Band‘s upcoming album Both Are True, is available now on Bandcamp.

Click the Bandcamp player below now to hear “Climbing On Mirrors,” written by Anna Webber. As she stated in the JazzTimes piece earlier this week:

“‘Climbing on Mirrors’ gets its title from the Italian phrase ‘arrampicarsi sugli specchi,’ a phrase which I learned from an Italian bassist friend. The phrase essentially means that someone is arguing impossibilities when they’ve been caught in an embarrassing situation, in order to try to desperately get themselves out of it—I was told it often applies to political corruption, and so that is what the title means to me. Though I wrote this piece several years ago, it seems that every time it gets played, the title is more and more appropriate to the current political situation, maybe never more so than now. Despite that, this piece offers a hopeful ending to this impossibly difficult time.”

You can pre-order the CD / digital from our Bandcamp store as well as iTunes and Amazon. Greenleaf subscribers can stream / download two tracks now, and subscribers will receive the entire album in their feed on release day, Friday, April 3.

The ensemble plays an album release show Jazz Gallery in New York City on April 4. More details here.