Laurie Frink Update

I spoke with Laurie yesterday and am happy to report that she is doing very well. She is still in recovery, but the doctors say everything is looking really positive and the process is going very, very well. She and her family are still awaiting some further tests, and I will update as I have news. She did ask me to express gratitude for the outpouring of messages and good thoughts. Keep them coming.

Laurie has been my trumpet teacher for over a decade, and I know many other trumpeters who rely on her for advice and counsel. She is the kind of gifted teacher who takes a personal interest in her students, crafting exercises specifically to their needs. She has also made herself available in emergencies — I once called her for advice from Zurich, in panic on the day of a recording session. She called right back and listened to me play over the phone. She gave me several exercises to do to work out the issues. Something about it really clicked, though I would be hard pressed to tell you how… I did go into the studio with Tiny Bell Trio that day to record Constellations.

In recent years she has been teaching me how to figure out the solutions for myself, and she has had a major influence on the way that I teach and craft the program at Banff. She co-wrote a great book with John McNeil, “FLEXUS” –Trumpet Calisthenics for the Modern Improviser. And recently Laurie started a new practice, taking appointments for private lessons via the internet using ICHAT/video or SKYPE/video. I have seen her do it and it is pretty amazing.

Please continue to send her your love and support. And I hope she will be back playing and teaching again soon.