Kneebody Winter Tour wrap-up

Season’s Greetings Greenleafies + a big thank you from me and the rest of the Kneebuddies to all those who assisted in the recently completed Kneebody Winter Tour 2005. It was a rewarding and successful trip thanks to all of you. We played some new places (Fergie’s in Philly, BAM Cafe in New York, Hot House in Chicago, Brew + View in Rock Island IL, and Metropol in LA), and had our most successful shows yet in some of our home bases (Tonic in NY, Dazzle in Denver and the Temple Bar in LA). We had a blast playing loads of new music which is really coming together, and despite complex travel plans, busy schedules and near-absolute-zero temperatures that followed us across America, we are enjoying the experience more than ever.

And we’re looking forward to 2006 which will feature our first tour in Europe and lots of US shows as well, to be announced soon after the New Year. Happy Holidays everyone and again a big thank you from the band to Mike Dave Jim and Will at Greenleaf and our friends and colleagues who helped ensure the success of our most ambitious tour yet. Best wishes from Kneebody.