VIDEO: Tea For 3 (Douglas/Rava/Cohen), Summer Tour 2011

Searching around the Youtube today for anything related to Dave, Greenleaf, and our artists, I stumbled upon some great videos from the Tea For 3 tour this past summer. For those of us not on the East side of the pond wondering what this killer lineup sounded like, look no further than the T43 playlist (above) we just compiled with some of these cuts from various locations around Europe.

Some really great performances here. My personal favorite is the performance of The Gulf— recorded and released on GPS, Vol 2: Orange Afternoons just last month—from San Sebastián, Spain.

Special thanks to Youtube user doriangrey27 for the great vids.

Tea For 3 is Dave Douglas, Enrico Rava, Avishai Cohen (trumpets), Uri Caine (piano), Linda Oh (bass), and Clarence Penn (drums).