Dave Douglas talks Kenny Wheeler

Dave recently gave an interview to Peter Hum at the Ottawa Citizen blog talking about trumpeter Kenny Wheeler. The full 4-question interview can be read here. Below is an excerpt detailing some of Dave’s favorite recordings of Kenny. Wheeler is one of our favorite players around the office. We highly recommend all of these recordings—and his whole catalog for that matter!

Windmill Tilter

I discovered it in reissue recently, and feel that the writing and playing confirms Kenny’s sound early in his career and demonstrates his long fascination with trumpeter Booker Little.
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Anthony Braxton Quartet

Some of the knottiest melodies and most intricate interplay on record. Kenny demonstrated that Braxton’s music could actually be played on a brass instrument. At least by him. He set the bar high for all of us on those recordings.

Gnu High

In particular the tune Smatter, which I learned at music school, Berklee.
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Music for Large and Small Ensembles

This is where all the elements come together on record — the lyrics, the composing and arranging, the magisterial trumpet solos. A masterpiece.
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The Bill Frisell album from the late 80s. If you could wear out the grooves on a CD, my copy would be shot.
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Angel Song

Gorgeous quartet recording with Lee Konitz, Bill Frisell, and Dave Holland.
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A Long Time Ago

All brass!
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