In Support of the Trumpeters

Free Jazz blog posts this thorough list of solo trumpet recordings:

Bill Dixon – Collection (Music for Solo Trumpet)
Hugh Ragin – Sound Pictures For Solo Trumpet
Natsuki Tamura – A Song for Jyaki (Leo Records, 1998), Ko Ko Ko Ke (Natsat 3012)
Peter Evans – More is More (PSI Records, 2006)
Kelly Pratt – Solo Works for Trumpet & Flugelhorn (Sachimay Interventions, 2006)
Axel Dörner – Trumpet
Markus Stockhausen – Solo 1
Thomas Heberer – The Heroic Millipede
Nate Wooley – Wrong Shape to be a Story Teller
Rob Mazurek – Silver Spines
Mazen Kerbaj – BRT VRT ZRT KRT
Franz Hautzinger – Gomberg
Greg Kelley – Trumpet

Nice. One of the things I’ve come to realize in working on FONT is that the instrument is going through a revolutionary growth spurt. Though Free Jazz offers wary support (“Some of them are plain weird, and will only be of interest to trumpeters who are looking for interesting new angles.”), it is support nonetheless. And there are of course many other great players not appearing on this list, in many areas of musical practice. This new language of horn playing is infiltrating all kinds of ensembles, and I can’t think of a richer or more productive time for effusions of new brass creativity.