The Dutch have invaded New York and most notably Governor’s Island. But unfortunately they didn’t think to bring the Instant Composers Pool with them!

Four hundred years after Henry Hudson visited NYC on the Half Moon with his Dutch crew, you’d think Misha Mengelberg and Han Bennink would belong to the party.

No. They were celebrating their anniversary (I don’t know how many years, and the entire site is in Flemish, which, sad to say, I still have not mastered…) at the BIMhuis in Amsterdam. VPRO (the same good folks that brought you the DDQ Live at the BIM in 2002) recorded and videoed. There are a few good clips and an interview with the composer of Rollo 2 at this link.

And here is Misha’s arrangement of Monk’s Criss Cross, with a splendidly droll Michael Moore alto solo and an astounding shout chorus on the way out.