Fluke: Play FLAC in iTunes

I don’t know how this escaped me for so long, but I just discovered a plugin for Mac OS X that allows iTunes to read and play FLAC files. It’s call Fluke. Very easy to install and use. And it’s free.

I used to use a program called COG as the player for my FLAC files. It worked alright, but I’ve had problems with it. So I switched to playing album by album with VLC which doesn’t have a functioning library browser. For the amount of music I have on this computer and hard drive, I really needed a browser like iTunes. Fluke allows me to play my MP3’s side-by-side with these FLAC files. My library size just increased by more than 30GB!!!

You can read up on and download Fluke right here.

In other news, these new Beatles remasters sound amazing. Listening to Past Master Volume 2 at the moment. “Rain” and “Lady Madonna” sound particularly incredible.