How do you listen to music?

Our community here at Greenleaf has always and continues to shape what we do. Our store, FLAC files, our subscriber system were all developed with support and feedback from you. In the past, we’ve received emails. If you’d like to drop us a line, don’t hesitate. We always love hearing from you.

Below is a link to a very short (4 question) survey we’ve developed in hopes of understanding more how you listen to music. Specifically, we’re gauging interest in vinyl production. With enough requests, we might just press a few from our catalog.

Please take a second to answer the 4 questions. And feel free to pass on comments. Results to follow.

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UPDATE :: Poll Results as of March 20th available in link below

Poll Results :: March 20th

How do you most listen to music?

If given the option to buy a new album you wanted, which format would be your preference?

Which media format do you most listen to?

Do you think CDs are going extinct?