If You Were In California.

In Palo Alto all week with the full Keystone crew, creating the music for our new score, Spark of Being — you can watch a short advance trailer here.

This announcement just went out for those in the Bay Area.

Friday, January 22, 2010
6pm to 7:30pm at CCRMA stage.
The Knoll, Stanford Campus.

Dave Douglas and the five musicians in Keystone (Marcus Strickland, Adam Benjamin, Brad Jones, Gene Lake, DJ Olive) will play and record new music for an open audience. They will be playing new pieces composed by Douglas for the multi-media collaboration with film maker Bill Morrison, Spark of Being, which will premiere on campus on April 24, 2010.

The session will consist of one or two takes of live performance by the band, followed by a brief explanation of the process and the goals of the recording, as well as a description of the next steps necessary to finish the production. Questions will be welcome. Audience will also get to hear playbacks, either through speakers on the stage or in the downstairs control room. The piece incorporates new computer technologies in performance, and this session will attempt to describe that work as much as it can be described in the discovery phase. The band will also record a piece to a live projection of Bill Morrison video art, and open a discussion about the collaborative process.

The session will be filmed for documentary purposes by Meghan O’Hara.

Dave Douglas and Keystone are thrilled to be creating this work at CCRMA on the Stanford campus.