DRM = Bad.

We’ve communicated with many folks about the pros and cons of downloading, especially in relation to Greenleaf Music’s release of the Dave Douglas Quintet Live at the Jazz Standard. I know that many are still struggling with the technology involved in getting this new series of recordings. We’ve tried to make our tech support and assistance as helpful and friendly as possible. And we’re constantly looking for ways to make the experience more pleasurable. The whole attraction of downloading, for me, is that the music is available immediately, and with a minimum of fuss.

Ars Technica references a new study showing that 75% of the problems with downloading music are due to DRM, Digital Rights Management. That’s the technology that limits your ability to listen to music you’ve purchased to certain prescribed formats and numbers of copies. Very interesting article.

We have never used any file-crippling code here at Greenleaf. And I think it’s just a matter of time before all the major companies remove it from their products.

As to the pluses and minuses of downloading, that’s an on-going discussion. But without the barriers I think the discussion changes significantly.