Dave Douglas on WNYU’s The Phoenix today

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 4.19.48 PM

I had a blast talking with Brandon Peckman at WNYU today. Stream our conversation by clicking the image above. Lots of music from different albums and periods of my work. Enjoy!

“Witness” GPS, Vol. 3: Bad Mango (Greenleaf Music) MP3 2011
“A SIngle Sky” A Single Sky (Greenleaf Music) MP3 2009
“Beware of Doug” Time Travel (Greenleaf Music) MP3 2013
“Red Emma” The Tiny Bell Trio (Songlines Recordings) MP3 1994
“Forward Flight” In Our Lifetime (New World) MP3 1995
“Millennium Bug” Magic Triangle / Leap of Faith (Greenleaf Music) MP3 2012
“Meaning and Mystery” Live at the Jazz Standard (Greenleaf Music) MP3 2007
“Flood Plain” Moonshine (Greenleaf Music) MP3 2007
“A Thousand Evenings” A Thousand Evenings (RCA) MP3 2000
“Be Still My Soul” Be Still (Greenleaf Music) MP3 2012
“Garden State” Time Travel (Greenleaf Music) CD 2013