Dark Territory Available Now!


Dark Territory, the new recording from Dave Douglas’ electronic-inspired High Risk project, is out today!

This Limited Edition LP is available on 180 gram vinyl and includes a complete digital audio download.

Regarding the album’s title, Dave says:

“Dark Territory was inspired by the author Fred Kaplan and his new book about the history of cyberwar. Fred suggested the title Dark Territory for the second High Risk album, and I think it is fitting because of the murky and mysterious terrain between improvisation, composition and technology. The players on this album, Shigeto, Jonathan Maron and Mark Guiliana, definitely employed some devious tactics in making this recording. Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyberwar is also the title of Fred’s new book for Simon & Schuster. The new LP should make happy listening for readers of Fred’s great book.”

Here’s how to get it:

– in North America, visit your local Record Store Day indie shop to pick it up.
– if you’re outside North America, Greenleaf can arrange to get you the LP. Respond to this email and let us know you want it!
– anyone can purchase the digital music from our store
– both LPs and CDs will be available worldwide on July 8

Dave will be signing records at Woodstock Music Shop today in Woodstock, NY from 11am to noon. Drop by and say hi!

Don’t miss the band’s US release shows at Regattabar in Cambridge, MA on Friday, May 6 and Roulette in Brooklyn, NY on Saturday, May 7.