Top 100 jazz tracks? Too tough.

Lots of chatter about jazz24’s listener polled list of the Top 100 tracks of jazz. A lot of the usual chatter—list is incomplete, too focused on the old, nothing of the avant, etc. After reading Peter Hum’s Jazz Post-1980s thoughts (thanks for mentioning Dave’s Moonshine btw), I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring ever so slightly.

First, that list is a list of almost all tracks that I love. I don’t listen to much of Dave Brubeck or Benny Goodman, but that’s my taste, and certainly don’t slight that material. And I’d probably have put A Love Supreme, Part II – Resolution on the list rather than … – Acknowledgement. Regardless, here are some tracks that I personally can’t and couldn’t have lived without.

Miles Davis – Right Off
Tribute To Jack Johnson

Ellington/Mingus/Roach – Fleurette Africaine
Money Jungle

Mingus – Solo Dancer/Duet Solo Dancers
Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

Paul Bley – Ida Lupino

Dave Douglas – The Infinite
The Infinite
* had to put this on there, since it was my introduction to DD oh so long ago.

Brad Mehldau – When It Rains

Art Ensemble Of Chicago – Theme De Yoyo
Americans Swinging in Paris

Joe Harriott – The Rake
Swings High

Sun Ra – El Is A Sound Of Joy
Sound of Joy

Chris Potter – Shiva

Jochen Rückert – Satellite

Cannonball Adderly – Mercy Mercy Mercy
Mercy Mercy Mercy

Bill Frisell – When We Go
* tied with Ron Carter from Blues Dream

Alberto Pinto – Soul Insider

Ben Alison – Mantra
Third Eye

Man… I’m leaving off so many tunes that shaped my view of jazz and others from recent years that I absolutely adore. As much as I love making lists like this, this one is way to broad to have any sort of meaning.

Looking forward to reading all of your faves.