Summer Listening: Matt Ulery’s “By A Little Light” Reviewed

Press is rolling in for Matt Ulery’s latest album, By A Little Light which released yesterday. Many thanks to Howard Reich at the Chicago Tribune for his kind words.

“This magical, profoundly musical release embraces more aesthetic influences than one might have thought a cohesive recording could. …the originality and purling beauty of this release cannot be overstated.”

Another thoughtful review at Bird Is The Worm.

“Nothing about this music is small. Even the nuances possess a weight that belies their brief moments in the spotlight. Piano is given lots of room to roam and explore, while drums stamp it on the map. When not gingerly tiptoeing through the scene, strings make dreamy pronouncements, while vibes and trumpet shade the edges.”

At eMusic, Dave Sumner weighs in and gives By A Little Light the PICK OF THE WEEK status.

“a masterpiece of grand vision and soaring compositions. Built around two separate piano trios, Ulery adds violinist Zach Brock, vocalist Grazyna Auguscik, and members of the Eighth Blackbird ensemble for a spectacular set of music. Pick of the Week.”

And to top all that off, By A Little Light received 4 1/2 stars in the July issue of Downbeat.

“Two beautiful, emotional works…There are no cheap musical tricks or shortcuts here; “By A Little Light”… are fully formed pieces that embrace a range of musical styles.”