Subscription Redux


As many found out via email this week, we launched a new Subscription Series. The expanded benefits lists includes an exclusive first listen of Dave’s new record, Spark Of Being: Soundtrack (the first release in a trio of releases slated for a Box Set release).

If you are a Subscriber, or become one, all you have to do is sign into your account at the store (the store recognizes your subscriber account), go to the Spark:Soundtrack album page, and click on the tracks. (We’re working a on Play-All function to update soon)

Once you are signed in at the store, you can play all of our front-line titles in their entirety as many times as you want. This is included in all new levels of Subscriptions. Plus you can get higher percentage discounts than before, access to the new Subscribercasts, et al. Updates with streaming our Full Book packages coming soon.

For the Subscriber Downloads Blog with the massively large 10+ hours of unreleased content, you sign in at the same place with the same user/pass just as before. Newbies will get an email with user/pass for this blog if they subscribe at the higher two levels. We’ll update you with a new track to download soon.

We built the new system with help from our subscribers. We hope you’ll continue to send us your feedback, suggestions, or funny stories about running into Dave at the local pool (thanks, John T!).

Happy weekend.