SUBSCRIBER SERIES // ENGAGE: One Sun, A Million Rays – Track 4

ENGAGE Four: One Sun, A Million Rays

We’re grateful for the warmth of the sun over the centuries, and we’re grateful for the support systems whereby we help each other and support those in need. This tune is built on a steady but indefinite rhythmic underpinning, over which all unfolds. Dave Adewumi and I solo together. Anna plays a gorgeous solo, Jeff and Tomeka create an eerie atmosphere to the whole proceeding. And Nick and Kate hold it down through endless variations on a riff. Having watched organizations serving the needs of immigrant women around the country, this piece points to and supports the crucial work of CasaLuz in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Recorded and mixed by Tyler McDiarmid at The Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY December 3, 2018.

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