SUBSCRIBER SERIES // ENGAGE: How Are The Children? – Track 3

ENGAGE Three: How Are The Children?

Rev. Traci Blackmon brought my attention to this expression from the Maasai. It resonates on so many levels. It came to me around issues towards sensible regulation of firearms in this country. To save lives. A majority of us want it. We have to fight for it by calling our representatives and joining groups like Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America in the legislative battle. We need to take care of our children. This is an issue that intersects with so many others. So we stand up to make sure that Our Children Are Well.

Dave Adewumi is the guest trumpeter extraordinaire. He takes the solo here. Anna Webber also plays tenor sax here. Tomeka Reid, Jeff Parker, Nick Dunston and Kate Gentile shine.

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Recorded and mixed by Tyler McDiarmid at The Bunker Studios, Brooklyn, NY December 3, 2018.

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