Sending it off amid crazy times

It’s finished. C’est fini. Es wird beendet.

The score of Letter From America is going out today. It’s a 75 minute suite for Big Band and Quartet. The premiere will be at JazzBalitica Festival in Salzau, Germany on July 5, 2008.

NDR Big Band with Joe Lovano, Dave Douglas, James Genus, and Clarence Penn.

1. The Presidents, 2. Unhyphenated Americans, 3. Campaign Trail, 4. Perilous Times, 5. Lone Wolf, 6. Sunrise Highway, 7. Pyrrhic Apology, 8. Change the Change.

In a time of frenetic, catastrophic weather events and random untimely passings.

Yesterday the sun came out long enough for an outdoor rehearsal on the deck up here at Greenleaf Music, New York headquarters. Luis Bonilla and Donny McCaslin were kind enough to make their way out here for the hit.

We rehearsed for our Suoni delle Dolomiti mountain refuge gigs next month. This trio of trumpet, saxophone, and trombone is the third version of the music I have been calling Magic Circle, in memory of Jimmy Giuffre. July 9, 10 and 11 the three of us will be hiking into the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy — camping out nights and playing concerts during the day.

None of this music is available in recorded format yet, but there’s plenty to be heard by clicking above to visit our store. Thanks.