We’re on our way to Lyon, France. It’s been quite a day so far. I didn’t get my wake up call from the hotel and my alarm didn’t go off either so we had a late start on the only day we had a tight travel schedule. Then when we got to the train station, the ticket agent told me the tickets from Belgium to France needed to be picked up IN FRANCE FIRST- somehow I still can’t figure out that logic but anyway….after a frantic cab ride to the railway company’s Brussels office, it worked out.

The last two gigs couldn’t have been more different. In Berlin, I had a gig fall through and filled the empty slot with a set at a squat in east Berlin called Miss Hecker. It was a tiny little room in a six floor walk up apartment hidden in a courtyard. Jeff played on a set of drums that were nearly toys…and still sounded incredible. The space was covered with pieces of weird art and had all these crazy stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling. Lot’s of free drinks, cool people and a great vibe. I must say that it still feels great to play a place like this…sorta like going to back to my old hardcore roots.

The next show was Bimhuis in Amsterdam and it was a real thrill. This is one of the best venues in all of Europe and it’s certainly clear why. Amazing sounds in the hall, an appreciative audience and the staff in the club were outstanding. We could get used to that pretty quick. We only had one set and the energy great right from the very first note.

So with 3 hours of sleep and a 9 hour travel day almost halfway done, we’re on the way to play the last gig of the tour. Tomorrow Quinsin, Russ and Jeff fly home to New York and I head back to Brussels to start another tour with my good friend Peter Van Huffel. No rest for the wicked!

I’d like to say a sincere thanks to the guys for not only making the music so incredible every night but also for being such good sports about among other things, long drives in cramped vehicles, possibly the worst hotel ever in Prague and a lot of sandwiches made at breakfast buffets! However we all agree that it’s somehow remedied each night by the music. Gotta love that….