RELEASE DAY: Trish Clowes – ‘A View with a Room’

It’s release day for the new record from saxophonist Trish Clowes and her band MY IRIS! A View with a Room is now available on CD and digital here.

From Trish:

I’m thrilled to be sharing this new album with the world, featuring my band MY IRIS, with guitarist Chris Montague, pianist Ross Stanley (plus some Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes), and drummer James Maddren. These guys continually inspire me to play and write my best. Imagining up the music for this album was true escapism in every way.

I am just as excited to be touring the music across April and May in the UK, stretching the ideas even further on stage. Tomorrow (Saturday April 23rd) is our album launch at Wigmore Hall, and the acoustics in that space are absolutely out of this world – they make you play differently, and I just have a massive smile on my face whenever I play in there. I was totally blown away by being appointed as an Associate Artist there last year – all I can say is, lucky me! I shall endeavour to make the most of it…

Included in the new album is a track called ‘Amber’ for Amber Bauer, who is CEO of a UK refugee charity called ‘forRefugees’ (formerly ‘Donate4Refugees’). I have been an ambassador for this charity since 2017, when Amber invited me to take on this role after I had interviewed her, as research for an orchestral piece I was writing at the time. Amber is full of passion for her cause, and very dedicated to helping people that societies across Europe have forgotten about, or choose to ignore – people who have fled their home countries across the world, in search of hope, and a better life. Russia’s diabolical invasion of Ukraine has brought back some focus to the plight of refugees, but the refugee crisis is anything but new. As I tour the UK, I hope to show people a great example of a grassroots charity that gives compassion, and material needs, to many forgotten souls.

I hope you enjoy our new sounds… there’s also a tune for the morning, and a tune for a Scottish coastline, and a tune for our precious planet…see what you can hear in there… happy listening!

Check out Trish’s remaining UK Spring tour dates here. And here’s the track ‘Amber’ referenced above: