RE: Wilco (The Album)

I don’t know if there are any readers out there as big into this band as I am — I’m a Chicago-born dude who used to ride the train down to the city to see them play every chance I got. Something about this album really gets me, though. Enough where I have to write a second post here. I can’t say I’ve ever been disappointed with a Wilco album, but I seem to be more excited than usual about (The Album).

Wilco (The Song) takes me back to those rockers on Being There and Summerteeth. It sounds like summer by the Lake Michigan to me. Deeper Down and the album closer Everlasting have some great playing from Glenn Kotche specifically. His phrases really help the tunes breath. And of course, Nels is on fire, though no real rippers as on Side With The Seeds from Sky Blue Sky except a short blistering accession at the end of One Wing. That leads into Bull Black Nova which has a Krautrock vibe while still being tuneful rather than just drone-y. The band opted for a noised-out closing section which is always appreciated. The tunes here don’t really call for the guitar-god thing anyway.

Really, every tune is strong. The vocals are top-notch, too. Tweedy’s voice keeps getting better and better. Check out the duet with Feist, You and I (not a Silver Apples cover).

They are altogether a different band than the one I used to see in the 90’s. And I loved it then. And love it now.

To me, there is no reason to not buy this record.