Re: Chicago Promoter Ordinance

Hey All,

Not to dwell too much on this Chicago Promoter Ordinance, but I guess that last Wednesday was just a postponement of yet another meeting on this topic. The Chicago Music Commission has set up an Opinion Survey that people can fill out regarding this ordinance. They will “deliver all comments received by 5:00PM on Friday, May 23rd to Mayor Daley and the City Council.”

You can find the all the information you need via the CMC to make up your own mind about this ordinance. PLEASE make your voices heard!

More info:

The CMC is currently seeking to work with the City Council to come up with a revised ordinance that takes your concerns into account. The bill that did not get reported our of the City Council’s Licensing and Consumer Protection Committee this past Wednesday is still alive and the City Council still controls when and if that bill will be revived. Therefore, CMC is committed to staying vigilant to make sure your voice is heard, and to work to come up with a solution that allows for Chicago music to continue to thrive safely and responsibly.

Please stay tuned to this site for updates and more information.

Thank you for your commitment to Chicago music!