Places to go, people to see

I’ve been away from the blog for the past week or so, and I’m leaving again for another week.
Best holiday wishes and greetings to all…

Thanks for all the interest in the very recent Quintet at the Jazz Standard recordings! They are still available as sound samples and downloads in all shapes and sizes. We’ll be posting answers to some of your questions after the first of the year. In the meantime, please enjoy and have a happy and safe one.

Check out Mr. Ethan Iverson, his reliable blog stylings can be found at The Bad Plus’ Do The Math. A recent poll connects on various topics (oops, I see he’s going on hiatus as well… ah well, still plenty there).

Old friend Steve Smith blogs and presents reviews he shares with the NY Times in his spare time.

Mwanji Ezana continues blogging at be.jazz, with great writing and photography. You might not think you want to know about Belgian jazz until you go there.

There’s Darcy James Argue over here. And Pat Donaher over here. There’s also the guy who made behearer work, Brett at Abulia.

You can always hear some great work chez Mark Feldman. Tons more great work a la casa de John Zorn, Tzadik. Also visit Marcus Strickland while you’re at it. Even Sonny Rollins is at it. And don’t forget Destination Out. Visit Armen Nalbandian in Fresno. Greenleaf Music on myspace. And Adam Benjamin plays all your favorite standards, alphabetically.

And I’ll leave you with this amazingly grooving Otis Redding clip on You Tube. Let’s hope for a peaceful and harmonious 2007 all around the world.