Picture Show: World’s Largest Ship Cemetery

For obvious reasons, I try to keep this blog about music as much as I can, but something about these greyed-out black-and-white photos from Nouadhibou Bay made it so I couldn’t resist posting them. Hope you enjoy.

From GOOD blog:

“Nouadhibou means ‘where the jackals get fat.’ It is also where ships go to die.” So writes the photographer Jan Smith, who captured haunting images of abandoned shipwrecks in Mauritania’s Nouadhibou Bay, which is perhaps the world’s largest ship cemetery. When Smith attempted to venture into Mauritania in 2008, he encountered no shortage of struggle. “I was turned away at the border, slept in a mine field, and was accused of espionage. No one believed I would travel to the remoteness of Nouadhibou to simply take pictures of rotting ships.”

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