OUT NOW: Rudy Royston’s Flatbed Buggy – DAY

DAY is the second outing from Flatbed Buggy, the adventurous, sonically varied small group that drummer Rudy Royston premiered on the acclaimed 2018 album of that name.


Royston’s pieces are alive with melody, rhythmic and polyphonic motion, and improvisational energy. Each carries a specific association to a time of day, from “Morning” at 7am to “Look to the Hills” at noon, from “The Mokes” at 2pm to the straightforwardly named “Five-Thirty Strut” and “It’s Time to Sleep.”

Royston dedicates DAY to two beloved souls who have passed: his brother Ritchie, and his mentor and musical brother Ron Miles, acclaimed cornetist and composer, pillar of the Denver music scene and inspiration to Royston and so many others. Coming up in Denver under Ron’s wing paved the way for Royston to impact the global jazz scene as he has, both as a leader and a first-call sideman.

Featuring Rudy Royston (drums) with John Ellis (bass clarinet), Hank Roberts (cello), Gary Versace (accordion), and Joe Martin (bass).

“One of the best jazz releases this year” – Stephen Graham, Marlbank

“A wonderful album from an articulate drummer whose sound is contagious” – Filipe Freitas, JazzTrail