Mareike Wiening’s ‘Reveal’ Revealed

Today is the release date for drummer Mareike Wiening’s gorgeous new record Reveal, her third…

Rudy Royston: DAY press roundup

Exceptional reviews for Rudy Royston's 2023 release 'DAY'

Mareike Wiening releases third single “Encore” from upcoming album Reveal

Featuring Dave Douglas as guest trumpeter on the second single from Reveal.

Dave Douglas GIFTS Trio Announces European Tour

Dave Douglas GIFTS Trio will embark on a brief European tour beginning Oct 27 2023 in Firenze Italy

Mareike Wiening Announces Tour, Featured In Spotify State Of Jazz Playlist

The tour features a stop in NYC  @ the Jazz Gallery, before heading to Germany & Switzerland:

ANFTD #115: Itamar Borochov

Dave sits down with Itamar to talk trumpet playing, quarter tones, band leading, and the original…

Mareike Wiening releases title track “Reveal” from upcoming album

Featuring Dave Douglas as guest trumpeter on the second single from Reveal.

Mareike Wiening releases new single The Girl By The Window

Dave Douglas guests with Wiening's quintet on the first single from her new album Reveal.

Early reviews for Itamar Borochov’s ‘Arba’

Here are some reviews and placements for the album following its first week since release.

Mareike Wiening announces new album Reveal out Nov. 10

Featuring Mareike's longtime working quintet as well as Dave Douglas as guest trumpeter.

Early press: reviews for Christian Dillingham’s album Cascades

We're grateful for the positive coverage on Dillingham's debut album!

On Tour: Itamar Borochov

On the road throughout this fall, starting September 27.

Itamar Borochov releases single Who Shall Grant Me Flight

The third single, a short and spellbinding piece, from Itamar Borochov's Arba.

Christian Dillingham releases new single Code Switch

We've just released the third single from Christian Dillingham's upcoming album Cascades.

Dave Douglas Quintet releases Songs of Ascent: Book 2 – Steps on CD

The companion album to 2022's Book 1 - Degrees, only available from our store

Kaisa’s Machine: Taking Shape in the press

Rave reviews for Kaisa!

ANFTD #114: Joe LaBarbera

Joe shares with Dave his insights both about his time in the Bill Evans Trio, and also about his…

NEW SINGLE: The Bottoms

We've just released the second single from Christian Dillingham's upcoming album Cascades.

NEW SINGLE: What Broke You?

The second single, a wistful ballad, from Itamar Borochov's Arba

NEW SINGLE: Undulation

Christian Dillingham releases the lead single from his debut album Cascades.