Early press: reviews for Christian Dillingham’s album Cascades

We're grateful for the positive coverage on Dillingham's debut album!

On Tour: Itamar Borochov

On the road throughout this fall, starting September 27.

Itamar Borochov releases single Who Shall Grant Me Flight

The third single, a short and spellbinding piece, from Itamar Borochov's Arba.

Christian Dillingham releases new single Code Switch

We've just released the third single from Christian Dillingham's upcoming album Cascades.

Dave Douglas Quintet releases Songs of Ascent: Book 2 – Steps on CD

The companion album to 2022's Book 1 - Degrees, only available from our store

Kaisa’s Machine: Taking Shape in the press

Rave reviews for Kaisa!

ANFTD #114: Joe LaBarbera

Joe shares with Dave his insights both about his time in the Bill Evans Trio, and also about his…

NEW SINGLE: The Bottoms

We've just released the second single from Christian Dillingham's upcoming album Cascades.

NEW SINGLE: What Broke You?

The second single, a wistful ballad, from Itamar Borochov's Arba

NEW SINGLE: Undulation

Christian Dillingham releases the lead single from his debut album Cascades.

ANFTD #113: Tim Berne

Great saxophonist, composer general all around genius Tim Berne joins Dave Douglas in conversation…

NEW ARTIST: Christian Dillingham

We welcome Christian Dillingham to Greenleaf for his debut album Cascades!

OUT NOW: Kaisa’s Machine – Taking Shape

Album release day for Kaisa's Machine and bassist Kaisa Mäensivu! Check out the track "Floating…


Out now: the lead single on Greenleaf from Itamar Borochov!

NEW ARTIST: Itamar Borochov

We welcome trumpeter Itamar Borochov to Greenleaf for his next album Arba!


Kaisa Mäensivu: "It’s a cerebral, almost melancholic piece."

On Tour: Kaisa’s Machine

On the road throughout this summer and fall: Kaisa's Machine are touring

NEW SINGLE: Dream Machine

Kaisa Mäensivu goes from "a soft and pretty field of flowers to a chaotic cityscape".

Watch new video from Kaisa’s Machine – “Eat Dessert First”

Bassist Kaisa Mäensivu and her band set up in front of a colourful culinary sequence.

NEW SINGLE: Eat Dessert First

Just released: the debut of Kaisa's Machine on Greenleaf!