Newport Festival 2009

Patrick Jarenwattananon is updating us with his rundown of the Newport Festival at A Blog Supreme. Two interesting topics to read his thoughts on besides the music — Where Were The Young People At Your Last Concert?, and Can Jazz Be Saved? (Is That A Useful Question?).

In the Where were the Young People…, he writes:

I didn’t think I’d ever see Chicago free jazz at Newport. (More on that act in a later post.) But this band, one of Ken Vandermark’s most approachable, brought distorted, punk-ish backbeats as an anchor. Some younger folks didn’t appreciate it, but there were a lot of heads nodding. Including an old lady standing next to me.

Being that I’m in his hometown I have seen Vandermark play dozens of times with a few of his bands. The majority of those shows haven’t included more than 5 people over 40. I’ve often wondered why that was. Reading this just threw me for a loop. Patrick, come see Powerhouse Sound play in Chicago. You’ll be surprised how many young’n’s are there.

Thanks also for pointing me to the 15 Steps / Take 5 mashup…

More tidbits on the Festival via Jim Macnie’s Lament For A Straight Line (thanks to Accujazz’s Twitter for keeping me updated with hundreds of worthy links to check out).