NEW SINGLE: Eat Dessert First

Available now: the debut of Kaisa’s Machine on Greenleaf! We’ve just released the first single “Eat Dessert First” from the band’s upcoming album Taking Shape.

Pre-order the album now or choose your music platform here. With the pre-order, you get this track immediately; the album will be released on July 7.

The piece reflects the overall sentiment felt by bassist and bandleader Kaisa Mäensivu when composing the material for this album. Kaisa decided to capture the sounds heard from her own imagination without worrying whether or not they fit into certain criteria or if they followed specific rules. This tune has a rock sound and includes some compressed piano and other effects; it started with a bass line, just like most of her writing.

With Eden Ladin (piano), Max Light (guitar), and Joe Peri (drums).

Check it out through the video below: