Live in Montreal

Greenleaf Music’s Third Paperback Series release is Nicole Mitchell/Harrison Bankhead/Hamid Drake, Indigo Trio, Live in Montreal. Recorded during a 2005 tour of Canada, this trio of stalwart, AACM inspired artists truly lays out a gem with this recording. These are three of Chicago’s finest improvisers doing what they do best in front of an enthusiastic , festival audience. To say the least, Greenleaf Music is proud to have this recording in the catalog . Here’s what Nicole Mitchell has to say about Indigo Trio, Live in Montreal: ” This concert in Montreal was our first performance as a trio, although we’ve played together for many years. The music was recorded live at the Suoni per IL Popolo Festival on June 13, 2005. Hamid and Harrison have played together since they were fourteen, Harrison and I have worked together in Frequency with Ed Wilkerson since 2000, and Hamid has played and recorded over the years with my Black Earth Ensemble . Indigo Trio features the adventurous music of our friendship: connected, intuitive and playful.”

Subscriber Bonus: Take Refuge

September’s subscriber download comes from the Indigo Trio of Nicole Mitchell, Harrison Bankhead, and Hamid Drake. Another incredible and unreleased performance by this trio.

Download “Take Refuge””
[MP3, 192kbps, 13.4MB]

Subscriber Bonus: Wheatgrass

As a preface to the upcoming Indigo Trio: Live in Montreal Paperback, we give you Wheatgrass, an unreleased 14+ minute live track from these three masters.

This song is a tribute to the most powerful and energizing food on the planet, wheatgrass!
-Nicole Mitchell

Download “Wheatgrass”
[MP3, 192kbps, 20.6MB]