Last chance listening: A soundtrack to the end times

While we wait for the looming Rapture/Apocalypse to march down from the sky tomorrow, here’s some music that, should the end-times truly come, we’ll be blaring from the Greenleaf offices.

Sawtell & Shefterr — Apocalypse Jazz from The Last Man On Earth

Mahavishnu Orchestra — Wings Of Karma from Apocalypse

Olivier Messiaen — Quartet for the End of Time

Wayne Shorter — Mephistopheles from The All Seeing Eye

John Coltrane — Ascension

Codona — Like That Of Sky

Medeski, Martin, and Wood — Last Chance To Dance Trance

Bill Callahan — anything from his latest, Apocalypse, would calm me down after all that

Any others you’d like to add to the playlist, feel free. Please exclude “End Of The World As We Know It” by REM and “The End” by the Doors—you can do better than that!

Oh, and be sure to take care of your pets.